1. Proofreading is the process of weeding out & correcting any spelling, grammar, syntax & punctuation errors but does not include any changes to the writing, style or structure. It is ideal for CV’s/resumes, websites, documents, articles, books and scripts.

Even the best writers in the world make mistakes, so ensuring your project is as damned-near perfect as possible is vital when pitching to clients, agents or prospective employers.

Spellcheckers and Grammarly can help but cannot be relied upon for important projects. It’s a scientific fact that the more we double-check our own writing, the more our brains scan read and miss glaring errors. Stress, tiredness, deadlines, screen-blindness, and even our own ego can also cause mistakes, so a fresh pair of professional proofreading eyes is essential

This is the final stage in the editing process, where the focus is on correcting errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting.

Proofreading ensures that the text is free of any mistakes before it is published or distributed. It typically involves a detailed review of the document to catch any overlooked errors.

Dr S’s diligent attention and decades of being the go-to guy for proofreading ( has the experience of proofreading several international medical, dental and life-science  journals in the last decade) will provide the confidence you need.

2. Copy Editing is the process of proofreading AND creatively re-wording your project. Copyediting goes beyond proofreading and involves a more thorough review of the text for clarity, consistency, and style. It’s much more extensive than proofreading, but not as thorough as a full rewrite. Copyeditors may rephrase sentences, improve readability, and ensure coherence throughout the document. They also check for factual accuracy and adherence to style guides. Your project may need more than cosmetic corrections – better wording, restructuring or a little creative stardust to hook your readers in and keep them hooked. Most likely you’ve taken your project/documents as far as you can and need some help getting over the finish line. Don’t worry; that’s where Dr. S of Maahi Language solution comes in… if you get in touch, we will be happy to help. Copyediting aims to enhance the overall quality and effectiveness of the writing.

3. Re-Writing is a dramatic overhaul of a document because of problems with structure or narrative or because it just isn’t working. Perhaps your book or script suffers from the dreaded “Second Act Problems”; or, maybe you need help polishing that crucial business proposal; or you’ve lost your way with an important presentation;  or, perhaps, you’re from Africa and English isn’t your first language.

Most of our favourite Hollywood movies have undergone many re-writes by a long procession of writers who just weren’t able to break the story. With Dr. S. of Maahi Language solution, a highly experienced writer and word doctor who can perform surgery on whatever isn’t working from polishing the  dialogues to Page One Re-writes. Sometimes, even highly experienced professionals lose their way!

Whichever type of writing you need help with, Dr S. of Maahi Language solution can polish a lump of coal into a sparkling diamond so you can win that contract

4. Copywriting is the process of crafting written content for marketing or advertising purposes. Copywriters create persuasive and compelling text that aims to engage and persuade the audience to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, signing up for a service, or clicking on a link. Copywriting requires a deep understanding of the target audience and the ability to convey messages effectively.

Editing that elevates

A translation that lacks fluency also lacks the ability to inform, persuade or entertain. Due to her multilingual transcreation abilities, Dr. S can prune and primp your content so that it speaks to its intended audience, sends the right message, and prompts the desired results. A translation missing words, letters, and full stops and that’s peppered with inaccurate spellings and phrases lacks authority and the ability to persuade your client or buyer and elevate your profile. So, let Dr. S of Maahi language solution make sure your Azeri translation is flawless, and retain your credibility in the global market. (or boost it!)


If your website contains great content but isn’t receiving the traffic you feel it deserves, you need to think about Search Engine Optimization. In a nutshell, SEO makes sure that your website is speaking the same language as the people you want to attract.

Dr. S of Maahi Language solution includes the keywords your Keyword Researcher specifies and in the frequency you desire. This Full On-Page writing SEO services will ensure your website ranks higher on search engines such as Google and, in turn, higher volumes of targeted traffic visit your site.

After a thorough read-through and determining your site’s intent and needs, we can fully optimize your pages with extensive keyword research, including:

  • Selecting and Creating Focus Keywords and phrases
  • Writing Meta Descriptions (and data)
  • Adding Title tags
  • Fixing URLs
  • Adding h1 Headings
  • Updating Image Alt Tags
  • Adding relevant internal and outbound links

I can follow the instructions of your SEO expert when writing to get you the desired results.

Dr. S. also promises to offer 70-90% plagiarism free content with 2-4% SEO and the written content will be humanised, creative, and basically AI free.

As a post graduate doctor herself, The word doctor at MAAHI language solution is also an expert medical or  scientific writer/blogger/ copyeditor.