If you have an idea for a book but cannot put words to it or do not have the time to write the book yourself, or wish to translate it into another language without changing the gist of the concept, we can convert your words with the mood and tone you are feeling into words which can be sold to you in a commercial transaction of the intellectual property, so that you can claim to be the author of the book.

Ghost writing is the art of writing content for someone else who takes public credit for it.

Ghostwriters can work on a variety of projects, including books, autobiographies, biographies articles, speeches, and social media posts.

Why Hire a Human Ghostwriter?

  • Expertise & Knowledge: A skilled ghostwriter can bring their knowledge and experience to your project, ensuring high-quality language with correct spellings and good grammar.content.
  • Understanding Your Voice: A human writer can capture your unique voice and style, making the content feel authentic and more as if it were really written by you.
  • Multilingual Capabilities: Dr. S from Maahi Language solution knows and understands 9 languages & can therefore, adapt to different cultural nuances, ensuring your message resonates globally in the tone and context you wanted to express.

When to Hire a Ghostwriter??

Lack of Time or Writing Skills: If you’re too busy to write or don’t feel confident in your writing abilities, a ghostwriter can be a valuable asset.

• Subject Matter Expertise: If your project requires specialized knowledge, a ghostwriter with experience in that area can ensure accuracy and credibility.

• Multilingual Project: A ghostwriter who speaks multiple languages can understand you in the language you are comfortable in to express your thoughts and then help you reach a wider audience by reproducing the matter in the language of your choice.

What you need to Provide to Your Ghostwriter to write your book?

  • Project Goals & Target Audience: A clear understanding of your goals and target audience will help the ghostwriter tailor the content accordingly.
  • Topic & Style Guidelines: Provide any specific information about the topic, desired style, or tone of voice.
  • Background Materials: Share any relevant materials, such as outlines, research notes, or existing drafts, to give the ghostwriter a starting point.

The Human Touch vs. AI

While AI writing tools are becoming more sophisticated, they still lack the creativity, emotional intelligence, and cultural understanding of a human writer.

A human ghostwriter on the other hand, can:

• Capture Your Voice & Style: A human writer can take the time to understand your unique voice and style, ensuring the content feels authentically yours.

• Navigate Complex Topics: Human writers can handle complex topics with nuance and understanding, ensuring your message is clear and impactful.

• Adapt to Different Audiences: A human writer can tailor their writing style to resonate with different audiences and cultures.

Multilingual Advantages: 7 Benefits that Maahi Language solution offers:

• Understanding Your Needs:

Dr S has the ability of understanding 9 languages which allows her to grasp your vision and intent, even if you’re not a native English speaker.

• Global Reach:

She can help you craft content that resonates with a global audience, considering cultural nuances and language variations.

• Exceptional English Skills:

Her mastery of the English language ensures clear, concise, and impactful communication.

• Multilingual Expertise: I can understand your needs and tailor content to a wider audience.

• Authentic Voice: I will work closely with you to capture your unique style and voice in the content.

Ghostwriting is thus a collaborative process where  the ghostwriter, creates content on behalf of another person or entity who is credited as the author. Ghostwriters are hired to write books, articles, speeches, blog posts, or any other type of content, while the client takes ownership of the work and receives credit for it.

Ghostwriting can involve various levels of involvement from the ghostwriter. In some cases, the ghostwriter may conduct extensive research and interviews to gather information and then write the content from scratch. In other cases, the client may provide rough outlines or drafts, and the ghostwriter polishes and refines the material to make it suitable for publication.

The primary purpose of ghostwriting is to help individuals or organizations produce high-quality content that aligns with their voice, expertise, and objectives. Ghostwriters often remain anonymous or work under non-disclosure agreements to maintain the illusion that the credited author wrote the content themselves.

Ghostwriting is prevalent in industries such as publishing, journalism, marketing, and entertainment, where individuals may lack the time, skills, or resources to create content but still want to leverage the benefits of having their name associated with it.